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Filling Gas
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freshKEG All in One Draft System - Filling Gas

100% Reusable
No cartridges, No bags, No pumps.

The freshKEG has a separate gas chamber in the upper part of the keg. The size of this chamber varies depending on the size of the freshKEG. Two (2) completely separate chambers, one for beverage and one for the gas. The separate gas chamber is only connected to the beverage keg when the tap with it's intergraded regulator is engaged and the regulated gas  flows into the beverage kegs headspace. This is exactly the same as traditional draught systems. The huge advantage the freshKEG offers is that the end user does not play with a regulator. Once tap is engaged your ready for dispensing.

All you need in order to fill the gas chamber is the freshKEG charging tool. This pistol style tool comes complete with pressure gauge and trigger for easy filling. Simply hook the high pressure hose from the tool to your existing bulk gas tank. You can fill this gas chamber with virtually any beverage gas you like. CO2 for beer and sodas, NO2 for wine and beers or even oxygen for specialty waters.

freshKEG gas filling instructions

  1. Simply connect the freshKEG filling tool to the regulator on your gas supply bottle (Co2 or No2).
  2. Insert the gas filling tool into the filling valve on the freshKEG and wait until pressurized to the desired pressure.
  3. Repeat number two (2) again and again. 100% reusable, no cartridges , no bags, no pumps, just refill the gas again and again. Then engage the tap and pour
It takes about 5–10 seconds to fill the gas chamber to approximately 110 psi (8 BAR) depending on the size of freshKEG you’re using. 100% Reusable, No cartridges, No bags, No pumps.