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Benefits & Advantages
Cleaning & Filling
Filling Gas
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freshKEG All in One Draft System - Benefits & Advantages

  1. Beverage in stainless steel KEG
  2. Professional dispensing tap
  3. Extractor tube (2 way fitting)
  4. Co2 or No2 in gaseous form
  5. Co2 or No2 head pressure

The separate gas chamber is only connected to the beverage keg when the tap with it's intergraded regulator is engaged and the regulated gas flows into the beverage kegs headspace.

freshKEG: A self-contained dispensing system

Light, versatile, mobile, highly profitable and always ready to provide unique drinking enjoyment at any time, and at any place. The freshKEG is the new champion of SCHÄFER KEGnology®: Designed for the professional beverage industry and requires professional keg cleaning equipment. This is not a system for the wine hobbyist or home brewer.

Even the very first impression reveals a confident market approach, a clear image that creates the desire to try the perfect draught experience. New markets will emerge and increased draught sales will follow. Just think, retail sales (and profits) in a product that's 100% reusable that's right 100% reusable, nothing but cleaning, filling and selling, again and again. The freshKEG has a life span of 10+ years.

Super seller... with real draught feeling

All the usual qualities of conventional containers (kegs)

This self-contained system has everything customers could wish for in a draught system. With keg, gas supply, regulator and dispensing tap all built into the freshKEG. Everything in one system.

Easy... to handle and to operate

Easy... servicing and maintenance

freshKEG - North American stock sizes 
5.2 liter / 1.4 US Gallon
11.3 liter / 3 US Gallon
15.0 liter / 4 US Gallon
* Other freshKEG sizes from 3 to 15 liters or anything in between depending on quantity.

Technical Data
Material grades in
stainless steel line
Standard: mat. no. 1.4301, AISI 304
Special: mat. no. 1.4571, AISI 316
Top and bottom ring PP (polypropylene), uv-stabilised, recyclable material
PP coloring Standard: shining black,
other colors on request
Spear freshKEG safety fitting
Max working pressure 3 bar (beer) or 7 bar (other beverages)
Test pressure Approx. 10 bar overpressure
Safety burst point
triggering pressure
Standard: 35 ± 5 bar overpressure
Numbering Standard
DatixPLUS / transponders / bar code / plain text
Repairs PP rings and CO2 valve are exchangeable
Dispense head Dispense head with integrated compensator
and automatic pressure adapter
Ecology Re-usable system
All component parts can be recycled
(depending on pressure)
1.5 to 2.0 liters/minute (standard setting),
depending on pressure and temperature
Application Can be used for almost all beverages
dispense head
Four components can be taken apart, cleaning in warm
water is sufficient, max. temperature 55°C
Authorization Authorized by the authorization office for
beverage counter systems
Cooling Ice packs containing cooling agent,
cooling boxes, coolers, refrigerators,
special freshKEG cooler, cooling rucksack

We reserve the right to make technical alterations