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Soft Drink Kegs

The SOFT DRINK KEG is available as a fully polyurethane coated KEG with a stainless steel liner in 10.4, 15.5, 20.5 and 41 litre sizes or as a partially coated KEG for 10.4 and 20.5 litres. The maximum permissible operating pressure is 7 bar, requiring the use of the appropriate specified attachments, (neck, spear, etc.).

Soft Drink KegsThis KEG, too, has all the Schaefer PLUS KEG hallmarks of quality that have proved themselves all over the world millions of times over. Schaefer’s long years of experience in the production of polyurethane-coated containers is once again reflected in convincing style in the Schaefer Soft Drink Keg. Renowned beverage producers all over the world work successfully with this high-quality container: for example, Schaefer gained the approval of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola for the production of 10 and 20 litre SOFT DRINK KEGs.

The SOFT DRINK KEG has all the benefits you would expect from a high-quality KEG:

Soft Drink Keg Slice
  1. All types of spears availlable
  2. Plain text encoding datixPLUS, bar code, transponders
  3. Smooth-walled stainless steel liner
  4. Safety burst point
  5. Polyurethane dyeing possible

Content Height External Weight
41 l / 10.83 US-gal
Filling volume 40 l
510 mm
381 mm approx. 10.4 kg
20.5 l / 5.42 US-gal
Filling volume 20 l
560 mm 239 mm approx. 5.5 kg
15.5 l / 4.10 US-gal
Filling volume 15 l
443 mm 239 mm approx. 4.6 kg
10.4 l / 2.75 US-gal
Filling volume 10 l
326 mm 239 mm approx. 3.8 kg
1 US-gal = 3.785 l
* weight with L type fi tting

Technical Data SOFT DRINK KEG
Stainless steel liner material standard: mat. no. 1.4301, AISI 304
special: mat. no. 1.4571, AISI 316
Coating PU (polyurethane), UV-stabilised
Partly coated 10.4 l and 20.5 l
PU colour 1standard: black, special colours on request
Neck standard SDK neck, Neck with left-hand thread
Operating overpressure 7 bar
Test pressure approx. 10 bar overpressure
Opening pressure of safety bursting point standard: 35 ± 5 bar overpressure
Coca-Cola and Pepsi: 22 ± 2 bar overpressure
Coding datixPLUS/transponder
Repairs partial only, new PU jacket: possible